Business Development


We help, support, and collaborate with SMEs to set foot on the international market. Together with you we define new potential markets and work out go-to-market strategies and put them into action.


Management on Demand


Timely intervention, 

impactful outcomes.

- Sudden or lengthy                  vacancies

- Missing expertise

- Interim Management

- Succession plans

- Merger


You as a startup are an entrepreneurial venture which is usually newly emerged with the goal of fast growing and finding the right market place. We collaborate with you to get your idea started.

"It's not the strongest nor the most intelligent of the species that survives. It's the one most adaptable to change" (Charles Darwin)

accomplish challenges together

Founded in 2017 we started with a worldwide network. The years of experience with different products and technologies throughout several industries has built up our network widely. Being operational from Canada to Australia and Japan to South America has taught us a lot of lessons. These lessons learned have been our key inspiration for "jumping the curve" to support SMEs, start-ups, influencers, ... to help them get their ideas up to speed. 


I am working together with you closely to find new market potentials, coordinate activities, generate business plans and design go-to-market strategies that fit your products and services best and to put them into action.


Gregor Fleisch

Management Service e.U.

Stocker 404

6863 Großdorf


c: +43 664 122 69 51


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